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Summary: This simple yet fun game for children is played in a circle and centers around how well one can remember what the last player said. Ages: From 5 to 14

Recommended Number of Players: Between 2 and 8

Equipment: No

Equipment needed

Set Up: No prior

Set Up required

How to Play: Have everyone sit in a circle and choose someone to start. The first player says, "I'm going to go on a picnic, and I'm taking an _____." (The player needs to say something that begins with the letter A that could be brought on a picnic). For example, ?I?m going on a picnic and I?m taking an apple?. The next player has to remember what the first player is taking and then say something that begins with the letter B that could also be brought on a picnic. ?I?m going on a picnic and I?m taking an apple and a ball?. The game continues with the next player and the letter C: ?I?m going to go on a picnic and I?m taking an apple, a ball and a camera.? Then the next player continues with something beginning with the letter D . . . . The game keeps going around the circle until someone is unable to repeat all the items or when the alphabet is completed.

Winner: Non-competitive

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