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Summary: This is the old fruitbasket game with Thanksgiving names. Ages: From 6 and older

Recommended Number of Players: Between 5 and 25

Equipment: One less chair than players

Set Up: Place the chairs in a circle

How to Play: All players except the first leader sits in a chair. The leaders points to each of the players and gives them a name that relates to Thanksgiving such as "Squash," "Corn," "Turkey," or "Pumpkin Pie." After everyone is named, the leader calls out two of the names, maybe "Corn" and "Squash." Those two players must quickly switch places while the leader also tries to steal one of the vacated chairs. The one caught without a chair becomes the leader. The leader can at anytime choose to yell "Cornucopia!" Everyone now scrambles for a new chair.

Winner: Non-competitive

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