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Summary: Christmas Gift Wrap Relay is a game where each player wraps a gift, but with speed and accuracy to win. Ages: From 8 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 30 players with three players per team

Equipment: One gift item per team One box per team Roll or sheet of wrapping paper per team One pair of scissors per team One roll of tape per team

Set Up:

Set Up three stations. The first station will have a pile of gifts and boxes, the second will have wrapping paper and scissors and the last station will have the rolls of tape.

How to Play: There are three stations and three players per team. Put one player from each team at each station. When the host yells go, the first player at station one chooses a gift and puts it into a box. The first player then runs to the second station and hands the boxed gift to his/her teammate. The player then grabs some wrapping paper and cuts it to size before delivering the box and paper to the thrid palyer at station three. The last player on the team tapes the wrapping paper to the box.

Winner: The winner is the team who finished first.

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