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Summary: This game is played with a bottle filled with small objects and birdseed. Ages: From 6 to 16, but don't be surprised if the older crowd gets a hold of one the bottles and starts to search as well.

Recommended Number of Players: From 2 to 10

Equipment: One bottle per player One list of items that are hidden in the bottle per player Pen or pencil per player

Set Up: Please see instructions below on how to make the Buried Treasure bottle.

How to Play: Each person gets a bottle. They must roll, shake, twist and move the bottle around so they can make the items hidden inside come up to the surface. As they do, they check off each item on pre-made lists telling them what is in each bottle. This can keep players occupied for quite a while depending on what you've "hidden" in the bottles.

Winner: The player who has succesfully found each item first.

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