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Summary: A game played like dodge ball, but using balloons. Ages: From 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Two teams with between 5 to 15 players per team

Equipment: 10 red balloons 10 blue balloons Dividing line, use rope if playing in a field or just use the center line of a basketball court

Set Up:

How to Play: All players must sit on the ground and can not stand for the duration of the game. A line is drawn between the teams. The red team is trying to get all the red balloons to touch the ground on the blue side. The blue team is trying to get the blue balloons to touch the ground on the red side. The players hit the balloons over the line. If a player catches the balloon, he can send it back over the line. If your team is red and a blue balloon falls to the ground on your side, it must remain. That is a point for the blue team. If the blue team catches a red balloon and throws is back on the red side and it touches the ground, the red team may retrieve it and try again to make it touch down on the blue side.

Winner: The winner is the team who can get all their balloons to touch the ground in the opponents court.

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