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Summary:Animal Hat is a game where you must ask questions about the animal on your hat.

Ages: From 4 to 10

Recommended Number of Players: Between 3 and 10

Equipment: One hat for each player with a picture of an animal stuck to the hat

Set Up: No prior set-up required

How to Play: Each player is given a hat with a picture of an animal. They are not allowed to look at their own hat, but they can see each others hat. Players must guess the identity of the animal on their hat by asking questions that can only be answered ?yes? or ?no?. Eg ?Do I have 4 legs??, ?Do I have stripes?? One by one, each player asks the group a question to try and learn the identity of their hat. If their question is answered with a ?yes? they can have another turn, but if the answer is 'no' it becomes the next players turn to ask a question. ?

Winner: the first player to accurately guess their animal wins.

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