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Crazy Cards



When to Play

Any Time

Requirements and Preparations

1) A pack of playing cards


1) Mix the cards and place in up side down position
2) Start the game
3) Only one player will play at a time
4) Player will take one card and turn it. If it is honors i.e. King / Queen / Jack, then keep it open and take the other one
5) Continue for one minute


2) The player can turn only one card at time
3) If the turned card is not a Honor i.e. King / Queen / Jack then the card should be turned back and game continues
4) If Wrong card is open and not turned back (as shown in fig) then its a fault. Player will not be disqualified but he has to correct the same before proceeding for the next card
5) Wrong card is to be kept in mixed condition and not separately
6) Game Finishes after 1 minute


The player with max correct cards is winner
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